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"The Birth of Steven"
9.5 in. x 7.5 in.
Watercolor and Gouache

One of three pieces I painted for the Steven Universe | Adventure Time show at Gallery Nucleus.  This is my favorite out of all three I submitted and I feel is my best work to date.

"The Birth of Steven" is about the Gems coping with the loss of Rose Quartz that came with Steven’s birth.  It depicts the Gems’ raw emotion in both their sorrow over Rose leaving them and in the deep love they share for Steven, which brings them closer together.  I aimed to portray each Gem’s grief with slight differences, Pearl being the most choked up with a flushed face and the most tears, Garnet letting only one tear fall, and Amethyst trying to hold hers back.  I was meticulous with the details in this piece, from each ringlet in Rose’s hair to the tears on each Gem.  


Possibly the sexiest Pokemon you will ever see! Aranel Cosplay (http://eternal0aranel.tumblr.com) as Flareon

More photos on my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/annmargaretphotography

 by 4ci

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"Starting today, you are the Host Club's dog!"
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 Mukuro Ikusaba & Junko Enoshima.

江ノ島さん【ネタバレ注意】 - Pixiv Log |

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reikou requested by anonymous → rei being intimidated by kou. 

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